At SpaceFactory, we design and enable intelligent buildings.  We are makers of enhanced spaces and connected environments.  We use technology to transform the way we experience and connect with buildingsā€”to awaken space and to bring buildings to life.


Bringing buildings to life

At SpaceFactory, we explore the transformative power of spatial technology and the wonder of connecting people.  Join us to discover a world of possibilities.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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We are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution defined by technologies which fuse the physical, digital, and biological worlds.  As the Internet is interwoven into the very fabric of space, we have an ability to connect and engage with space as never before.





SpaceFactory puts you in direct engagement with your space through physical and biological connections.  We connect you to the Internet of Things, and use it to adapt your environment.  A new vision of how we engage technology, space and each other:  The Internet of Us.




The Intelligent Building CompanyTM


SpaceFactory is the first-of-its-kind intelligent building company.  We synthesize design-thinking and human-centric technology to create content in the digitally enabled building from inception to completion.   We work with our partners to integrate 4IR* technologies to unlock opportunities in the $217 trillion global real estate industry.


We bring design-thinking to create unique user experiences in the digitally enabled building.


We work with building owners, architects, and engineers to bring digital intelligence to their project.


We co-create with our technoogy partners to deliver end-to-end intelligent building experiences.


Space: in Color

The Intelligent Building Company TM

Consider the moment Dorothy stepped into Oz and into a world of color.  Technicolor made movies more immersive, more real, more alive.  Space has been black-and-white for a very long time.  Awaken to space in living color, for the first time.


Enhancing space

Connecting worlds